The Crux of Crypto

A venture capital perspective on bitcoin, blockchain and the world of crypto-assets

Latest Episodes

E05: Creating Synthetic Derivatives on the Blockchain with Hart Lambur of UMA

Hart Lambur (CEO of UMA Protocol) discusses the potential and challenges of enabling seamless, trust-minimized risk transfer on public blockchain infrastructure.

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E04: The Biggest Issues in Crypto with Brandon Curtis of Radar and James Prestwich of Summa

Brandon Curtis (Director of Research at Radar) and James Prestwich (CEO and Founder at Summa) share insights on a wide range of topics, including opportunities in Open Finance, proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake, interoperability, oracles, ASIC resistance, lending, stablecoins, layer 2 scaling, and more.

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E03: Creating Your Own Role in Crypto with Steve Lee of Bitcoin Optech

Steve Lee (Product Manager at Optech) chats about how he leveraged his skill-set and strengths to create his own (non-technical) role in the crypto ecosystem.

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E02: Data as an Asset Class with Roger Chen of Computable Labs

Roger Chen (CEO and Co-Founder of Computable Labs) chats about data as an emerging asset class and the opportunities for data marketplaces.

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