The Crux of Crypto

A venture capital perspective on bitcoin, blockchain and the world of crypto-assets

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E07: The State of Decentralized Exchanges with Will Warren and Amir Bandeali of 0x

Will Warren (Co-Founder and CEO at 0x) and Amir Bandeali (Co-Founder and CTO) share insights from building the exchange infrastructure for a tokenized world where value can flow safely and freely on the internet. We discuss the challenges of exchanging assets safely peer-to-peer, how 0x is evolving to meet consumer demands, and dive into the...

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E06: The Path to Open, Global Prediction Markets with Joey Krug of Augur

Joey Krug (Co-Founder and Core Developer at Augur) shares insights and learnings from building the world’s first decentralized prediction market platform. We discuss global access to financial markets and the long-term vision for Augur, the differences between building smart contracts and traditional web apps, approaches to decentralization, user behavior and growth metrics, the recent Veil...

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E05: Creating Synthetic Derivatives on the Blockchain with Hart Lambur of UMA

Hart Lambur (CEO of UMA Protocol) discusses the potential and challenges of enabling seamless, trust-minimized risk transfer on public blockchain infrastructure.

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E04: The Biggest Issues in Crypto with Brandon Curtis of Radar and James Prestwich of Summa

Brandon Curtis (Director of Research at Radar) and James Prestwich (CEO and Founder at Summa) share insights on a wide range of topics, including opportunities in Open Finance, proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake, interoperability, oracles, ASIC resistance, lending, stablecoins, layer 2 scaling, and more.

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