E07: The State of Decentralized Exchanges with Will Warren and Amir Bandeali of 0x

Will Warren (Co-Founder and CEO at 0x) and Amir Bandeali (Co-Founder and CTO) share insights from building the exchange infrastructure for a tokenized world where value can flow safely and freely on the internet. We discuss the challenges of exchanging assets safely peer-to-peer, how 0x is evolving to meet consumer demands, and dive into the cryptoeconomic design of the new ZRX token model.

E06: The Path to Open, Global Prediction Markets with Joey Krug of Augur

Joey Krug (Co-Founder and Core Developer at Augur) shares insights and learnings from building the world’s first decentralized prediction market platform. We discuss global access to financial markets and the long-term vision for Augur, the differences between building smart contracts and traditional web apps, approaches to decentralization, user behavior and growth metrics, the recent Veil fork, and much more.

E05: Creating Synthetic Derivatives on the Blockchain with Hart Lambur of UMA

Hart Lambur (CEO of UMA Protocol) discusses the potential and challenges of enabling seamless, trust-minimized risk transfer on public blockchain infrastructure.

E02: Data as an Asset Class with Roger Chen of Computable Labs

Roger Chen (CEO and Co-Founder of Computable Labs) chats about data as an emerging asset class and the opportunities for data marketplaces.

E01: DEXs & Crypto Infrastructure with Alan Curtis of Radar

Alan Curtis (CEO and Co-Founder of Radar) chats about the opportunity (and challenges) of building crypto infrastructure and defining new market categories.